Wound Care

Same as Diagnostic Arthroscopy

Phase 1: First 2 weeks

  • If you have had debridement (removal of the damaged tissue but no repair), no further rehabilitation is required. A sling will be provided for comfort only.

If you have had repair of the PASTA lesion:

  • You must keep your sling on at this stage
  • You can remove the sling for washing or if you are sitting at a desk
  • You must take the arm out of the sling and gently bend and straighten your elbow to stop it becoming stiff
  • Gently lift the affected arm forwards with the good hand several times a day, do not actively lift the arm forwards
  • You can discard the sling 2 weeks following surgery

Phase 2: 3 to 6 weeks

  • You will be seen in the clinic for a wound check at approximately 3 weeks
  • You should now start with the physiotherapist
  • Start to actively lift the am straight forwards
  • Start to work on lifting the arm out to the side (like a wing) with the palm facing the floor
  • You must still not lift anything heavier than 2kg until 6 weeks

Phase 3: 6 to12 weeks

  • Aim: full range of motion by 8 weeks postop
  • Once this has been achieved strength work can be developed.

Phase 4: 12+ weeks

  • You will be seen in the clinic at approximately 12 weeks, you may be discharged at this stage if you are doing well
  • At this stage you may start strength work if you have not already done so
  • Aim: return to overhead sports at 6 months