Please note it can take 9 months following surgery until the pre-operative symptoms have settled!

Phase 1: First 2 weeks

  • Wound care please click on link
  • You have been provided with a sling comfort and to protect the tenodesis.
  • You can remove the sling as you wish but it is recommended that you wear it to stop you lifting or carrying with the operated arm
  • You can use the arm with no restrictions below shoulder height but do not lift or carry
  • You may actively lift the arm above shoulder level but this will be painful
  • Use the good arm to lift the operated arm above shoulder height several times day (passive stretching to prevent stiffness)

Phase 2: 2-8 weeks

  • You will be seen in the clinic for a wound check at 2-3 weeks
  • The passive range of motion (PROM) of the shoulder will be assessed
  • Aim: Active range to normal by 6 weeks.
  • Driving as comfortable from 4 weeks and when safe to do an emergency stop.

Phase 3:

  • You will be seen in the clinic at 12 weeks
  • You should now start exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff and the biceps(this may be under the supervision of a physiotherapist)
  • Aim: Full active forward flexion and abduction by 12 weeks
  • You may be discharged at this stage if you are doing well