Shoulder Rehabilitation Protocol: Posterior Labral lesion repair

Phase 1 - First 3 weeks

  • Wound care as outlined on the Shoulder Arthroscopy Rehabilitation page
  • You can remove the sling when comfortable
  • You can gently raise the arm to horizontal (level with the shoulder) in front and to the side
  • You can rotate out to the side as far as you like
  • Do not reach behind your back

Phase 2: 3-6 weeks

  • You will be seen in the clinic for a wound check at 3 weeks
  • Start to try to raise the arm up to shoulder height aiming for full elevation by 6 weeks
  • Do not try to reach behind your back until 6 weeks

Phase 3: 6-12 weeks

  • You should now start with the physiotherapist
  • Aim: Forward flexion 100% preop, Abduction and external rotation 75% at 12 weeks
  • Once this has been achieved strength work can be developed.
  • Strength work can commence at 8 weeks if this has been reqched but not before.

Phase 4: 12+ weeks

  • You will be seen in the clinic at 12 weeks
  • At this stage you may start strength work if you have not already done so
  • Aim:
  • For most lesions: return to gentle throwing by 4-6 months