Elbow Surgery: Elbow Arthroscopy

Indications for operation

To examine the inside of the elbow.

Elbow arthroscopy
Elbow arthroscopy
Elbow internal
Elbow internal

This operation is usually performed as the basis of one of the other shoulder operations such as loose body removal or scar tissue removal but may be used purely for diagnosis.


General Anaesthetic (Fully asleep)

Local anaesthetic and Morphine will be injected into the joint for post-operative pain relief

Operation type



A ½cm incision will be made on either side of the elbow. Additional incisions may be made around the back of the elbow if required.


The elbow joint will be fully inspected including the articular surfaces (cartilage). Loose bodies or scar tissue may be removed if necessary.

Wound Closure

Small butterfly paper stitches will be used to close the wounds


Elastoplast dressings will be placed over the top of the paper stitches and an elastic support bandage over the top of this.

Immediate aftercare

You can go home when you feel comfortable.

Further instructions for elbow arthroscopy rehabilitation